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Cage Free Grooming

About Pampered Paws Cage Free Grooming


What is cage free grooming?

Our salon is cage free, but not roam free. Pets are never allowed to wander or mingle with other pets. Each pet is secure and in the hands of a team member at all times. Your pet will receive one-on-one care and attention the entire time they are with us in a safe, relaxing environment. Our front desk coordinator will call you ten to fifteen minutes before your pet's grooming is completed to reduce wait time.

Why should you try cage free grooming?

Pets are groomed immediately upon arrival, with most breeds finished and ready to go home in an hour and a half. In a human hair salon, your hair stylist is not working on multiple people at one time and in the same way, our groomers are not working on multiple pets at a time. While most salons take in numerous pets and place them in cages until the groomer is ready, we at Pampered Paws Cage Free Grooming are dedicated to a stress-free and relaxing environment for all pets. We succeed in this by not double-booking our groomers and reducing wait time.

Caring and Devoted Groomers

Taking care of animals is a passion of ours, and we truly enjoy having the opportunity to work with pets every day. Pampered Paws relies on your satisfaction and referrals to be successful. We will do everything possible to guarantee you are happy with the services you receive.


Clean & Stress-Free Grooming Environment

The salon is kept clean and sanitized between appointments. All pets receive a nice, warm bath with a gentle massage. The salon has been designed to keep your pets safe and happy during their grooming.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry.  We strive to be your premier neighborhood grooming salon!

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