Meet Our Team of Professional Pet Groomers

We love pampering your pets!

Kortney / Experienced Pet Groomer


Sr. Groomer

Kortney has over 15 years of grooming experience. She tries her best to see eye-to-eye with each client. Doing her best to give the customer what they want, but at the same time having the pet’s best interest in mind. When Kortney is not grooming, she spends her time with her four young children, her husband, Nate, and her Australian Shepherd, Suki. She enjoys going to museums, zoos and spending as much time outdoors as she can. She enjoys grooming mixed breeds. Kortney loves the underdog!



Tori’s love for grooming continues to grow each day. Specializing in caring for your furry loved one as her own, teaching them table etiquette and proper socialization will give them grooming confidence. She's a “Fur Mama” to her five beautiful rescued dogs ranging from small breed to extra-large. Grooming with love, care and patience is her vow to you as a pet owner. With almost 5 years of experience to share, she believes in growing friendship one paw at a time.

Jessie, Pet Groomer in Tempe



Jessie has been grooming for 11 years. She has a beautiful daughter who inspires her every day. Her passion in life is focused on the care of animals and she specializes in senior pet care. For Jessie, grooming is not just my job, but something she cares deeply about and loves to do. She continues to learn and grow and is always striving to make your pet feel comfortable.

Liz, Dog Groomer in Tempe



For Liz, growing up with a variety of critters has given her a soft spot for all animals. She enjoys creating your pet’s own style and bringing out the best in them! Her abundance of patience allows Liz to be successful with temperamental pets or those who need some extra tender loving care. Liz started at the salon as a Receptionist, which provided her with a strong foundation in building relationships with pet parents that has carried forward through her blossoming grooming career.

Sarah at Pampered Paws in Tempe


Bather / Groomer Apprentice

Sarah is a 4th generation Arizonan who has loved animals since before she can remember. Literally, her parents have animal-lover indication stories starting at 6 months. Sarah loves coaxing shy dogs into friendship, comforting frightened dogs into happy dogs, and turning dirty dogs into gleaming canines. Sadly, she does not currently own a dog, but her cat, Zephy, never fails to greet her at the front door and usually insists on a “sniffspection.”

Sarah at Pampered Paws in Tempe



Tara has been living her dream by working in a grooming salon for about 3 years. As an Arizona native, she enjoys the wonderful relationships she gets to build with her furry clients and their parents! She has owned and cared for dogs her entire life and currently owns two rambunctious pups named Sedona and Miles. She specializes in working with nervous and anxious dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is her goal to treat the dogs in her care as if they were her own and she wouldn't have it any other way!